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In addition to scheduled appointments, our pharmacies now accept WALK-IN vaccinations, making it easier for you to receive your COVID-19 vaccine. *

* walk-in vaccines limited based on vaccine supply

step 1
Step 1: Do you qualify?
All patients 18+ qualify for a COVID-19 vaccine.
step 2
Step 2: Now accepting walk-ins or scheduled appointments.
For walk-ins, find your nearest locations > .

To schedule your appointment:
  1. Select the COVID-19 vaccine appointment
  2. Choose your location
  3. Select your time zone
  4. Choose your appointment time
Utah appointments >
Nevada appointments >
step 3
Step 3: A consent form is required for all patients.

For walk-ins, please be prepared to complete a form once you arrive.

For scheduled appointments, you will receive a link to a digital consent form 24 hours before your appointment.

Please complete your online consent form prior to your appointment.

step 4
Step 4: Prepare for your vaccine
  • For scheduled appointments, please arrive 5 minutes prior to your appointment time
  • Please wear a mask and limit the number of people you bring with you
  • Bring your state issued driver's license or ID and insurance card
  • Be prepared to wait 15 - 30 minutes after the vaccine to monitor for potential reaction

Vaccine Supply

Please be aware that vaccine supply is extremely limited, and it is possible that our pharmacies may run out of vaccine at any time. We will do our best to notify you if your appointment needs to be rescheduled. Your patience during this time is greatly appreciated.

Learn more about the COVID-19 Vaccine >

Frequently Asked Questions

    1. We are following the vaccine distribution schedule outlined by the state.
      Utah Phased approach >
      Nevada Phased approach >
    1. We are currently using both the Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccine.
      View the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for Moderna here >
    2. View the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for Johnson & Johnson here >
    1. Yes, our pharmacies are now accepting walk-in vaccine appointments. This includes second doses of the Moderna vaccine that may not have been given at our pharmacies.
      Learn more about the COVID-19 vaccine here >
    1. You must get your second dose of the vaccine from the same manufacturer that did your first dose. For example, if your first dose was Pfizer, you must get the Pfizer vaccine for your second dose for it to be effective.
    1. The vaccine manufacturers are working incredibly hard to produce enough supply to vaccinate the country. These vaccines have very strict timeframes that they need to be used within to prevent waste. It is very important that we do everything we can to ensure everyone has access to a vaccine.
    1. The COVID-19 vaccine is being provided at no cost to all patients.
    1. There have been reports of potential side effects of this vaccine, like other vaccines. To help monitor any potential side effects, we are asking all patients to stay close to the pharmacy for 15 minutes after they have received the COVID-19 vaccine.
      What to expect after getting a COVID-19 vaccine >
    1. The best way to make a vaccine appointment is to use our online scheduler above. Please only use the phone numbers below if you DO NOT have access to the internet or can’t make an appointment online. Our appointments are updated every Monday morning at 9 am, depending on vaccine supply.

      If you are having difficulty scheduling an appointment, we are here to help. In an effort to take care of our patients without internet access or who have difficulty using a computer, we have pharmacy team members available to assist

      There are multiple ways to schedule your vaccine appointment

      1. At the pharmacy, scan the QR code that will take you to the appointment scheduler
      2. Use the link above our website
      3. Contact our pharmacy team at one of the numbers listed below and they will help you get scheduled
        1. 801-978-8459
        2. 855-931-1339
    1. Please bring your prescription and medical insurance card.
    2. If you don’t have insurance of any kind, you can bring your State issued driver’s license or identification card.
    3. Your vaccination card if this is your second dose
    4. Completed consent form found here if you haven’t used the contactless consent form.
    1. This vaccine is being provided to all patients at no cost.
    1. The Federal government is covering the cost for your pharmacy to give you the vaccine. We must submit a claim to your insurance or to the Federal government to receive this cost covering payment. In the end the Federal government is covering the cost to give you the vaccine.
    1. To keep a contactless process, we are asking all patients to complete the digital consent form prior to their appointment time.
      Do not complete the paperwork unless you have already scheduled an appointment
      1. The consent form can be found here.
    1. It is not recommended that you receive the COVID-19 vaccine if you have received a vaccine 14 days prior to the vaccination.
      It is also not recommended that you receive another vaccination 14 days after you received the COVID-19 vaccine.
    1. If you can’t make your scheduled appointment, we ask that you please cancel or reschedule as soon as possible.
      We will be relying on those appointment times to determine how much vaccine we need to have available and missing an appointment could result in wasted vaccine.
    1. Your second vaccine dose will be scheduled at the end of your first appointment.

There are many vaccine providers across the state. If you are having trouble finding an appointment with us, we encourage you to schedule with a different provider.

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